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Laboratoire CCD Hyalidra Vaginal Lubricating Moisturizing Gel 30ml

Laboratoire CCD Hyalidra Vaginal Lubricating Moisturizing Gel 30ml
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Производитель: Laboratoire CCD
Доступность: 22
Код товара: LCH-19173
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Laboratoire CCD Hyalidra Vaginal Lubricating Moisturizing Gel 30ml is a transparent hormone-free gel, dedicated to women's health, which:

  • reduces vaginal dryness,
  • moisturizes and lubricates the vagina,
  • provides immediate relief, with a long lasting effect.

Its active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, glycerin, betaine, xanthan gum and pullulan) are beneficial for the vaginal mucosa.
This gel is natural, non-greasy and does not leave stains.

With its included applicator, it is very easy to use.

Preservative-free, silicone-free, hormone-free.
Without ingredient of animal origin.


Read the instructions carefully before starting to use this product. Do not throw away the instructions.

Apply with your finger or with the applicator provided, every three days or every day in the event of severe dryness, unless otherwise advised by the doctor, and for a maximum duration of 30 days.

Remove the stopper then prick with the point located above the stopper to pierce the lid of the tube.
You may prefer to use the special applicator included in the box. It is enough to fix it by screwing it on the base of the tube.
After use, wash it off with lukewarm water. Remember to replace the cap after use, either the large one on the base of the tube or the small one at the end of the applicator.

Refer to the instructions and diagrams in the supplied leaflet, for external or internal use.

Store at room temperature in a safe, dry place.


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