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Laboratoire CCD BactiGyn 5 Vaginal Capsules

Laboratoire CCD BactiGyn 5 Vaginal Capsules
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Laboratoire CCD BactiGyn 5 Vaginal Capsules is intended for use by non-pregnant women from the age they begin to menstruate until menopause. It is intended to be used by women diagnosed and treated for recurrent bacterial vaginosis. It can be used to improve the natural vaginal microbiota by preventing or by attenuating any imbalance of this microbiota, inhibiting thus the growth of potential pathogens and preventing the recurrence of previously diagnosed and treated bacterial vaginosis.


Insert daily a capsule into the vagina before going to bed.

In case of vaginal dryness, damp a capsule before introducing.

To use 5 consecutive days per month after the end of menstruations or 5 consecutive days at regular monthly intervals (in the absence of a menstrual cycle).

Do not use more than 3 consecutive months (3 times 5 days), in case of allergies to milk or to one of the ingredients, in the event of pregnancy or in the event of attempted pregnancy.

Do not use if the capsule or the flask is damaged.

To keep under 25°C.

Keep out of reach of children.


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