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Poderm Booster Supplement 6ml

Poderm Booster Supplement 6ml
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Производитель: Poderm
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Код товара: PBS-16135
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Poderm Booster Supplement 6ml is a treatment for the nail affected by fungus that accelerates the repair process of the nail
It is recommended for people who wish to regain healthy, smooth and shiny nails faster and in the case of severe and difficult to treat nail fungus.

Its "booster" active ingredients such as Tea Tree, Palmarosa and Clove accelerate the penetration of the Oil-Serum (or other anti-fungal treatment) while creating an attack phase that will eradicate the fungus more quickly
The combination of the Purifying Oil-Serum and the Booster Complement Serum also creates a much faster regeneration process of the diseased nail, so that the nails will quickly return to perfect health.


Do not use this product on its own but in addition to the Purifying Oil-Serum or your daily treatment against nail fungus
External use.
Apply a sufficient amount twice a week to the nail and its contour. Penetrates quickly.

Keep away from heat.
Suitable for all nails, feet and hands, diabetics, pregnant women and children.


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