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Lytess Cible Active Soothing Maintenance Wrist Support

Lytess Cible Active Soothing Maintenance Wrist Support
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Бонусные баллы: 81
Производитель: Lytess
Доступность: 33
Код товара: LCA-16407
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Lytess Cible Active Soothing Maintenance Wrist Support alleviates and soothes immediately and continuously a concentrate of micro-encapsulated active ingredients with essential oils combined with a ceramic fibre.

The supple textile is perfectly adapted to your morphology and provides comfort and liberty of movement. The knitted areas located on the joints support and maintain the wrist.

The ceramic fibre enhances the drainage of tissues and regulates the skin temperature. It provides a sensation of well-being and comfort.

The micro-encapsulated active ingredients provide several properties: the essential oil of gaultheria calms, the essential oil of rosemary relaxes and decontracts, the essential oil of arnica and menthol soothe, the sweet almond oil protects and moisturises.

When the wrist support is placed, the rubbing of the tissue on the skin allows to progressively liberate the micro-encapsulated active ingredients.

The wrist support is compatible with a sport activity.


Size 1: wrist diameter less than 16cm.

Size 2: wrist diameter 16-19cm.

Size 3: wrist diameter over 19cm.


Place the wrist support on the wrist, the orange border has to be at the top.

It is advised to wear the wrist support at least 1/2 day for the diffusion of active ingredients.

Do not use for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


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