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Bauerfeind Epitrain Elbow Orthosis

Bauerfeind Epitrain Elbow Orthosis
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Бонусные баллы: 375
Производитель: Bauerfeind
Доступность: 6
Код товара: BEE-16394
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Bauerfeind Epitrain Elbow Orthosis is a correction indicated in cases of osteoarthritis, post-traumatic treatment, acute and chronic epicondylitis, post-operative irritative states, acute or chronic epitrochleit (golf elbow). It alleviates elbow pain and improves stability through:

  • its active knit Train with 3 dimensions that offers an ideal shape of adjustment,
  • its low pressure border that prevents compression,
  • its high elasticity that allows easy donning and removal, pleasant to wear,
  • the Epicon+Pads viscoelastic technique with recesses at the epicondyle that maintain and relieve the elbow, accelerate the resorption of edema and effusions in view of a safe positioning of the orthosis,
  • the harder material component with friction spikes that relieves pain and promotes the healing process of the elbow.

It allows to resume a life without pain and recover its mobility more quickly.

This model is available in several sizes:

SizeForearm Turn (cm)
021-23 (8 1/4-9)
123-25 (9 - 9 3/4)
225-27 (9 3/4 - 10 3/4)
327-29 (10 3/4 - 11 1/2)
429 -31 (11 1/2 - 12 1/4)
531-33 (12 1/4 - 13)
633 -35 (13 - 13 3/4).

Titanium and Cobalt Blue colour.


For easy placement, fold the top edge of the elbow outwards until the recesses of the integrated massage paddles are visible.

Grasp the bandage at the weld of the paddle and pull the elbow. Ensure that the outer protrusion area of the bone (epicondyle) be well positioned in the paddle recess and do the same for the inner protrusion area of the bone.  Then return the top edge of the elbow to its original position. To remove it, grasp it from the bottom end at the paddle weld and pull it towards the hand.

Wash at 30°C. No machine drying or ironing.


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