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Gibaud Soin Dos Thermal Belt Anthracite Height 20cm

Gibaud Soin Dos Thermal Belt Anthracite Height 20cm
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Производитель: Gibaud
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Код товара: GSD-16389
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Gibaud Soin Dos Thermal Belt Anthracite Height 20cm is a device designed to preserve heat and soothe lower back pain.

Composed of 59% merino wool to preserve heat naturally and 28% modal fiber of natural origin for softness and breathability, it is soft, breathable and comfortable. You can wear your belt day or night, as soon as you feel the need and for all your daily activities in case of back pain. This belt is mixed.

To allow its correct use and give it all its effectiveness, it is important to choose the right size (measure your hip circumference below the navel, with a tape measure):

Size circumference61 - 75 cm75 - 90 cm90 - 105 cm105 - 120 cm120 - 135 cm
Belt height 20cmXXXX-
Belt height  25cmXXXX-
Belt height 30cm-XXXX

Made in France.


A fitting is mandatory for a correct adaptation and a good understanding of the installation. The first installation will be carried out by a healthcare professional and subsequently by the user or a person close to him according to the same protocol.
When fitting, put the belt on by the legs, raise it until the bottom of the belt is positioned at the level of the intergluteal groove, covering the painful area.
Hand wash in warm soapy water (maximum 30 ° C), rinse thoroughly, gently wring out.

The device contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. Do not wear for prolonged periods without medical supervision. The belt should not be placed in direct contact with damaged skin. Device to be used on a single patient, not to be reused on several patients. If you have a problem, such as pain or local signs, remove the device and contact your healthcare professional.

Keep the belt away from excessive heat. Do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry clean.


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