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Novodex Ronflor Anti-Snoring Oral Spray 50ml

Novodex Ronflor Anti-Snoring Oral Spray 50ml
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Бонусные баллы: 75
Производитель: Novodex
Доступность: 44
Код товара: NRA-16111
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Novodex Ronflor Anti-Snoring Oral Spray 50ml is an oral spray allowing a long-lasting and immediate action.

The Ronflor spray has been formulated by pharmacists, according to pharmaceutical standards that guarantee effective and safe use.

Its formula is exclusive, Ronflor leaves on the mucous membrane a thin gel composed of polysaccharides, facilitating the flow of air between the pharynx and the throat and limiting the sound vibrations of the soft palate.

Its action is immediate and durable thanks to its unique process: bio-adhesive complex which allows a good adhesion to the walls and cavities and makes it possible to resist swallowing.

This spray contains also an osmolarity regulator which, by maintaining the physiological balance of the oral mucosa, does not induce any salivary stimulation.

It offers a perfect harmlessness: propellant gas, has been formulated for a perfect security of use.

It is without risk of cutaneous irritation with non-sensitizing formula. It limits the risk of allergic reaction.

This flask ensures more than 90 peaceful nights.

Fragrance free. Paraben free.


At bedtime, after washing hands, spray 3 times towards the back of the throat. Wait 20 seconds and swallow his saliva.

Do not eat or drink alcohol after application, otherwise repeat the application.

This product is not suitable for the treatment of sleep apnea. If in doubt, you should consult your doctor. Do not use the product in case of known allergy to any of the components.

Pregnant women should consult their doctor before any use.

Do not spray in the direction of the eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly.

Not suitable for people with asthma.Keep out of the reach of children. The pump contains small parts.

Store at room temperature, protected from light.


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