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Pohl Boskamp GeloMuc Respiratory Therapy Device

Pohl Boskamp GeloMuc Respiratory Therapy Device
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Производитель: Pohl Boskamp
Доступность: 34
Код товара: PBG-16080
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Pohl Boskamp GeloMuc Respiratory Therapy Device is a device that clears the airways and removes resistant bronchial mucus. It is indicated for the systemic dissolution of mucus in chronic pulmonary and respiratory diseases (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis).

This sophisticated system ensures gentle pressure during exhalation in the GeloMuc, keeping the bronchial tubes open. This is supported as a slight vibration felt as a slight blow on the walls of the lungs. Even mucus trapped in acute bronchitis can be released. For an optimal effect, it should be used long-term and several times a day. After only a few weeks, better ventilation, less shortness of breath and better physical performance can be expected. Coughing also decreases and the quality of life increases significantly.

This device supports the medication treatment in a gentle way.


Sit at a table and relax your elbows on the table top.

Take the GeloMuc in your hand and make sure that the air holes in the head section are free.

Wrap the mouth around the lips and inhale deeply and evenly through the nose.

Hold your breath for 1 or 2 seconds.

Then exhale slowly and relax in the mouthpiece of the GeloMuc, avoiding the formation of thick cheeks.

On the whole, it is recommended to repeat this process several times a day, always paying attention to deep but not exhausted breathing.

To avoid dizziness or exhaustion, be sure to take sufficient breaks.

Children: carry out the therapy at fixed times, having explained its functioning and the purpose of the therapy. At the beginning, do the exercises with the child. Ask the child regularly if he or she is making progress (less coughing, better breathing).

Hygiene: this device may only be used by one person.

It is advisable to clean the GeloMuc daily by disassembling all parts and placing them in boiling water, completely covered with water. In the case of coarse soiling, first clean with soap under running water. Parts placed in the cutlery basket can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. Let them dry on a clean cloth overnight.


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