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Forté Pharma Forte Rub Bronchus 200ml

Forté Pharma Forte Rub Bronchus 200ml
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Производитель: Forté Pharma
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Код товара: FPF-18616
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Forté Pharma Forte Rub Bronchus 200ml is a food supplement in form of drinkable solution intended to release the bronchus and soothe respiratory tracts.

This food supplement contains Ivy and N-acetylcysteine, a derivative of amino acid. The formula also associates Pelargonium for its soothing action on the respiratory tracts. Eucalyptus essential oils completes the formula and helps to facilitate breathing. It doesn't cause any somnolence.

Sugar free. With sweeteners.


Take 2 times a day 20ml with a measure cup, preferably in the morning and at lunch.

Do not exceed the daily recommended dose, do not consume in prolonged way without medical advice (1 month maximum).

Does not substitute to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Do not use on pregnant or breastfeeding women, elder persons, in case of hypersensibility to Echinacea.

Not recommended to asthmatic persons, epileptic, suffering of hypertension or having convulsion medical history without medical advice.

An excessive consumption can have laxative effects.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Store in the fridge after opening and to consume in 10 days.


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