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Les 3 Chênes Osteophytum 14 Patches

Les 3 Chênes Osteophytum 14 Patches
27 992 992 р.
Бонусные баллы: 50
Производитель: Les 3 Chênes
Доступность: 27
Код товара: LCO-16440
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Les 3 Chênes Osteophytum 14 Patches are patches that allow to soothe the sensitive joints, muscles and tendons and to find suppleness and mobility.

They are based on 9 actives: 8 extracts of plants and 3 essential oils.

They apply on the lower back, elbow, knee, shoulder, ankle, hip, neck (men and women).
Their ultra-practical side and its discretion make it a day-to-day partner of well-being and comfort.

Made in France.


Read carefully the instruction before application.
Apply on the sensitive area and leave on for the day and/or night.
It can be used as often as necessary.
In case of wounds or scrapes, place it nearby the wound and not on.
Keep out of reach of children.


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