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Cooper Actipoche 2 Heating Belts Muscle & Joint Pains + 4 Patches

Cooper Actipoche 2 Heating Belts Muscle & Joint Pains + 4 Patches
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Cooper Actipoche 2 Heating Belts Muscle & Joint Pains + 4 Patches is a box that contains two belts and four patches.

The heating belt has to be used with two patches and helps relieve lower back pain and menstrual pain by its long-lasting heating action.

The thermoactive agents (iron powder and activated carbon) contained in the patches naturally cause heat in contact with air for 8 hours. The heat produced helps to relax the muscles and improve mobility.

Lightweight, this belt is easy to wear all day long.


- Muscle pain: muscle contractures or muscle aches, back pain, lumbagos, lower back pain.

- Pain and joint stiffness of the lumbar region.

- Menstrual pains.


The heating patch is activated by the air. For each use 2 patches are required.

Insert a heated patch into each of the 2 compartments of the belt, with the blue side of the patch facing the skin side. Position the part of the belt containing the patches on the painful area directly on the skin. Adjust the belt by positioning the scratch to the desired size, without over-tightening.

The patches begin to heat up in a few minutes and provide 8 hours of constant heat.

After use, discard belt and patches. Do not use the patch for more than 8 hours. Wait 24 hours before any new application.

Do not use in children under 12 years of age, on the pregnant woman abdomen.


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