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3M Nexcare ColdHot Therapy Pack Comfort

3M Nexcare ColdHot Therapy Pack Comfort
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Код товара: NCT-16417
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3M Nexcare ColdHot Therapy Pack Comfort is a reusable cold/hot gel pad with thermal indicator. It relieves pain naturally. Its gel is safe, non-toxic and 99% biodegradable. It can be used in two ways:

  • cold to reduce swelling, inflammation and relieve pain;
  • hot to decrease pain and reduce muscle spasm, relax and unwind.

Dimensions (in cm): 11 x 26.

Supplied with a protective cover.

Does not contain natural rubber latex.


Read the manual carefully before use.

Cold: place the cushion in the refrigerator or freezer for at least 2 hours before use. Insert it in its protective cover. Apply for a maximum of 20 minutes. Wait 20 minutes before applying again.

Hot: Immerse the cushion in boiling water removed from the fire for a maximum of 40 to 90 seconds depending on the level of relief desired. Carefully remove the cushion and knead it to distribute the heat evenly. Use the cushion in its cover and apply to the area to be treated. In the microwave: place the cushion flat and heat for 15 seconds. Follow the same instructions as for boiling water.

Do not use on sensitive or damaged skin or in case of known or suspected nervous or circulatory disorders.

Monitor use in children and people with cognitive impairment.

Check the condition of the cushion regularly and do not use in case of gel leakage.

Clean by washing the cushion by hand with a mild detergent that does not contain alcohol or other solvents. The cover can be washed at 40°C.

Always store in a dark place.


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