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Quies Anti-Noise Wax Earing Protection 8 Pairs

Quies Anti-Noise Wax Earing Protection 8 Pairs
99 424.06 424.06 р.
Бонусные баллы: 21
Производитель: Quies
Доступность: 99
Код товара: QAW-16285
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Quies Anti-Noise Wax Earing Protection 8 Pairs protect the ears from noise by reducing noise levels by an average of 27 dB.  These anti-noise plugs are malleable and adapt to all ear canals by offering excellent support in the ear. By taking body temperature, they are completely forgotten.

Thanks to their unique composition, these wax hearing protectors ensure comfort and efficiency, and are ideal for prolonged use (sleeping, resting, studying ). Discreet, they can be used during meditation sessions or to concentrate.

They protect against noise attacks, without completely cutting you off from your environment.


Remove cotton, to soften with perfectly clean hands.

Adapt to size and shape of your auditory canal.

Introduce the whole plug into ear and insert slightly.

Pull the ear lobe backwards to remove air out of the auditory canal.

Single use.


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