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Gilbert Family Emergency Set

Gilbert Family Emergency Set
41 3363.75 3 363.75 р.
Бонусные баллы: 168
Производитель: Gilbert
Доступность: 41
Код товара: GFE-20423
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Gilbert Family Emergency Set is a box containing the essential material for first aid, at home and when traveling:

  • 1 pair of red scissors,
  • 1 splinter forceps,
  • 1 pair of protective vinyl gloves,
  • 5 100% cotton gauze compresses, 5 x 5 cm format, intended for cleaning and covering wounds,
  • 10 classic dressings, intended for the protection of small everyday injuries:
    • 5 in 19 x 72 mm format,
    • 5 in 25 x 72 mm format,
  • 4 blister dressings, intended to prevent blistering. This dressing relieves pain and pressure, promotes healing of the blister already formed and does not stick to the wound:
    • 2 in 34 x 54 mm format,
    • 2 in 20 x 65 mm format,
  • 1 extensible band, format 3 m x 7 cm, intended for fixing, maintaining and protecting compresses and dressings,
  • 1 roll of breakable fabric plaster, 5 m x 1.25 cm format intended for holding dressings,
  • 12 compresses for Cleaning Superficial Wounds, intended for cleaning superficial, non-infected wounds (scratches, abrasions, etc.). The compress helps to remove debris and exudates from wounds. By its formula, the impregnation solution helps prevent microbial infection,
  • 3 strings of 5 single doses of physiological serum of 5 ml, intended for nasal and ocular hygiene, for ear rinsing, for washing wounds, for inhalation in aerosol therapy. Not injectable.


Before any intervention, it is advisable to wash and disinfect your hands.
Read the terms of use carefully.

In the event of a deep wound, dirty or bleeding profusely, bite or burn with blistering, consult a doctor.

Single-use products (except scissors and splinter forceps). If reused, risk of loss of performance or infection.
Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Store away from light and humidity.


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