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Coalgan The Essentials 1st Emergency Kit

Coalgan The Essentials 1st Emergency Kit
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Производитель: Coalgan
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Код товара: CTE-16249
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Coalgan The Essentials 1st Emergency Kit is a first-aid kit for the whole family, to cope with bleeding.

It is composed of:

- Coalgan Stops Bleeding 12 Adhesives are sterile adhesive dressings specially designed to help stop bleeding and healing, while protecting the wound.

The alginate compress releases its calcium to accelerate platelet aggregation and promote healing. Thanks to its hypoallergenic adhesive backing and high skin tolerance, it is suitable for all and allows a painless removal.

It is also effective in patients with congenital or acquired hemostasis disorders. A box contains:

  • 6 dressings 75 x 25 mm,
  • 6 dressings 72 x 35 mm.

- Coalgan Stops Bleeding Powder 8g is a sterile bio-active haemostatic powder that stops bleeding and is ideal for acting on extended sores that are difficult to access and on hair areas. Very hygienic, it allows an application without touching the wound and does not require the installation of a dressing.

  • It stops bleeding quickly: calcium alginate promotes platelet aggregation and reduces clotting time
  • It promotes healing: Calcium alginate stimulates the key cells of healing, thus activating the defences against microorganisms and bacteria. This reduces the risk of dermatological complications.

Made in France.


Read the leaflet before use.

- Adhesives:

  1. Wash hands and clean the wound with water and soap or saline (0.9% NaCI).
  2. Choose the correct dressing for the size of the wound.
  3. Apply the adhesive directly to the wound with slight pressure for a few seconds.

- Powder:

  1. Wash hands and clean the wound with water and soap or saline (0.9% NaCI).
  2. Apply the powder directly to the wound. No secondary dressing is required.
  3. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes so that the powder solidifies on the wound. The powder adheres to the wound and the excess falls at the first movement.

If the bleeding persists and/or the wound does not heal, ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice.


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