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Urgo Heel Blisters Treatment 5 Large Size Dressings

Urgo Heel Blisters Treatment 5 Large Size Dressings
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Код товара: UHB-19589
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Urgo Heel Blisters Treatment 5 Large Size Dressings are dressings elaborated to isolate the blister from pressure and friction for immediate pain relief.

In contact with the blister of the foot, the hydrocolloid technology forms a dermo-reconstituting gel that promotes healing of the heel blister.

Ultra discreet and resistant, it is the reference dressing for treating blisters while wearing open shoes.

Size of the dressings: 7.2cm x 4.3cm.


1. Do not puncture blister. If the blister is already pierced, wash it off with soap and water, and apply an antiseptic.

2. Remove the clear fin (arrowed area) and warm your dressing in the palms of your hands before removing the decorated protective paper.

3. Apply to clean, dry skin, positioning the central part of the dressing directly on the blister.

4. Carefully smooth the edges to optimize its adhesiveness.

5. The dressing will peel off on its own after 2-3 days. It is advisable to wait for the dressing to come off spontaneously.

Contraindicated on infected wounds and in people with diabetes.

Reusing a single-use dressing may pose a risk of infection.


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