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BSN medical Co-Plus Self-adhesive Tape 10cm x 3.5m

BSN medical Co-Plus Self-adhesive Tape 10cm x 3.5m
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Производитель: BSN medical
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Код товара: BCS-18755
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BSN Medical Co-Plus Self-adhesive Tape 10cm x 3.5m is a versatile light to medium weight latex cohesive tape. It is indicated for :

  • sports traumatology: prevention and treatment of musculo-tendinous and ligament injuries ;
  • angiophlebology: prevention and treatment of venous insufficiency of the lower limbs ;
  • maintenance of dressings and medical devices.

Its stretchy non-woven backing provides excellent support. Very airy, it allows the skin to breathe (limited risk of maceration) It is self-adhesive on itself and not on the skin. It does not shrink in width. Comfortable, it does not hinder blood circulation. Repositionable, it can be removed and put back in place immediately if the first application is not suitable.


Contains natural latex which may cause allergic reactions.

To avoid blood circulation problems and the risk of tourniquet, do not over-tighten the bandage.

If numbness or tingling occurs, remove the bandage and reapply with less tension.

Do not apply at maximum voltage.

In case of severe sprain or serious strain, consult a doctor.


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