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Urgo Urgosyval White Woven Plaster 5m x 2,5cm

Urgo Urgosyval White Woven Plaster 5m x 2,5cm
30 374 374 р.
Бонусные баллы: 19
Производитель: Urgo
Доступность: 30
Код товара: UUW-18707
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Urgo Urgosyval White Woven Plaster 5m x 2,5cm is a medical device indicated for the fixation of plaster.

Medical device on the friction/traction zone. General public use.

Contains rosin derivatives which may cause an allergic skin reaction.


  • Instructions:

Apply on a cleaned and disinfected skin then rinsed and dried. After using an antiseptic, rinse with physiological serum. Carefully dry the wound contour before the application of Urgosyval. The plaster can be easily torn to adapt the length of the tape to use. Urgosyval is developed to stick to a healthy skin. Do not apply the plaster directly on the damaged skin or on mucous.
Gently remove and renew at Gently remove and renew on average every 24 hours, or as prescribed.

  • Precaution for use / contraindications:

The concomitant presence of fatty substances, humidity or hairs can affect the adhesiveness. To avoid any risk of irritation and delayed healing, do not exceed two applications per day. Urgosyval is not suitable for fixing / holding moist material or probes (hematology, resuscitation, incubators). When fitting, do not create tension on the skin or the plaster (risk of irritation, tourniquet effect). To maintain optimal healing conditions, renew the plaster if it is wet. Renew in case of loss of adhesiveness. Do not use Urgosyval for more than 30 consecutive days. Do not sterilize or subject Urgosyval to treatment before use.

  • Side effects :

This adhesive plaster can cause skin reactions such as redness, irritation, dermatitis or pain on removal, especially on dry or damaged skin. In the event of a local reaction or itching, stop using the product and consult your healthcare professional. To minimize any risk of infection or skin reactions: strictly follow the instructions for use.

Do not reuse a used plaster.
Do not apply on the eyes or on a mucus.
Do not use after the expiration date.
Do not use a damaged product.


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