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Urgo Burns Superficial Wounds 4 Sterile Bandages

Urgo Burns Superficial Wounds 4 Sterile Bandages
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Urgo Burns Superficial Wounds 4 Sterile Bandages are bandages ready to pose for the treatment of superficial daily wounds of 1rst and 2nd degrees, thus superficial wounds.

Its tulle endowed of Lipido-Colloid rapidly relieves the pain, favours healing thanks to the association of petroleum jelly and hydrocolloid particles. It can be removed without pain as it doesn't adhere to the wound.

Its support is both extensible and conformable (it accompanies movements) and comfortable to avoid any discomfort.

Its compress is absorbent: it collects exudates.

Dimensions (in cm): 7 x 10 (Tulle of 73,5 x 45mm)


Read the instructions carefully.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Cleanse the wound with water or physiological serum. Disinfect the wound and its surrounding area with an alcohol-free antiseptic solution.

Dry the lesion with a sterile compress. Apply the dressing by not touching the adhesive part with the fingers and make sure to centre the compress (white part) on the lesion. Smooth the dressing to the edges. Reapply after 24 hours and then every 48 hours until healing.

People with diabetes should only use hydrocolloid dressings under medical supervision. Contraindicated for arteritic foot and infected diabetic foot.

Not suitable for baths. Do not use if the packaging is damaged.

Store away from light.


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