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Toofruit Chasse Ô Poux Organic My Oily Mask 125ml

Toofruit Chasse Ô Poux Organic My Oily Mask 125ml
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Производитель: Toofruit
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Код товара: TCP-16340
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Toofruit Chasse Ô Poux Organic Oily Mask 125ml has been specifically designed for children, from 3 years old. Inspired by the natural remedies of our grandmothers, it acts mechanically to smother lice and nits.

This formula based on 100% vegetable oils traps lice. It contains :

- organic coconut oil, a natural and effective ingredient to coat lice and suffocate them,
- organic neem seeds oil which alters the development of nits,
- sunflower oil to make combing easier.

100% of total is of natural origin.
70% of total ingredients are from organic farming.

Cosmos Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Cosmos standard.


Made in France.


With the help of an adult, apply the mask to the hair root and spread it well with your fingers to impregnate the hair.
Leave on for 2 hours, and ideally overnight, under a cap or towel.
With a fine comb, remove lice and loose nits.
Rinse and wash hair with Toofruit shampoo.

Do not swallow.
Avoid contact with eyes, rinse abundantly with water.


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