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Pouxit XF Anti-Lice and Nits Treatment 250ml

Pouxit XF Anti-Lice and Nits Treatment 250ml
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Производитель: Pouxit
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Код товара: PAN-16331
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Pouxit XF Anti-Lice and Nits Treatment 250ml is an odorless, insecticide-free lotion for skin application, indicated for the treatment of scalp lice (head lice) and nits in adults (including pregnant or breastfeeding women) and children over 6 months . Its formula contains Penetrol which over-activates the action of dimethicone on nits. This treatment contains anti-foaming constituents, so it is normal for this product to prevent your shampoo from foaming.

Lice and nits are eradicated 15 minutes after 1 single application.


Read the instructions before use.

Steps :

  1. Shake the bottle well before use.
  2. Cover the shoulders with a towel to avoid staining the clothes.
  3. Apply the lotion evenly and in sufficient quantity to the scalp and dry hair so as to cover them completely.
  4. Massage the hair in order to obtain a complete impregnation of the hair.
  5. Leave the product to act for 15 minutes.
  6. Apply shampoo directly to hair without wetting it with water, making sure to cover the entire hair. Rinse. If necessary, repeat the same procedure. If the hair is wet before shampooing, the product will be more difficult to rinse.

External use only on dry hair and scalp free from perspiration.

Do not swallow.
Do not inhale.
Do not apply on injured skin.
Do not use in case of allergy to any of the constituents of the product.
Do not use in children under 6 months.
Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
Do not use after the expiry date shown on the box.
Store in its original packaging.

In case of skin irritation or any other sign of allergy, stop treatment, wash the skin with soap and water and seek medical advice.

Avoid contact with the eyes. In the event of accidental contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clear water. If irritation persists, consult a doctor. In case of accidental ingestion, seek medical advice promptly, showing the product label and package leaflet.

Risk of slipping if the product is thrown on a smooth surface.

This product has been specially formulated with non-volatile ingredients. However, as a precaution, hair and clothing should be kept away from any flame or any source of intense heat.

After the expiration date, the device should be disposed of in accordance with local waste management regulations. Do not throw the product or its packaging into the environment.


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