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Pouxit Anti-Lice and Nits Treating Shampoo 200ml

Pouxit Anti-Lice and Nits Treating Shampoo 200ml
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Pouxit Anti-Lice and Nits Treating Shampoo 200ml is a shampoo indicated in the treatment of lice from hair scalp and nits for adult and child over 6 months.

This shampoo contains a formula based of coconut oil (a natural active) that blocks the orifice airways and excretory of lice and nits leading to their death.

It has cleansing and foaming properties, so it is useless to use your usual shampoo to remove the product at the end of the treatment.


Shake well the bottle before use.

Apply the treating shampoo uniformly and in sufficient quantity on the hair scalp and on dry hair in order to cover them completely.

Massage the hair in order to obtain a complete impregnation of the hair.

Leave on for 15 minutes.

Rinse gently the hair.

Divide the hair in several sections. To pass the provided comb on damp hair, sliding it from root to hair tip. After each comb pass, clean it gently in order to avoid any risk of infestation.

The treatment must be repeated after 7 days.


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