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Nutri Expert No More Lice Special Lice & Nits Comb

Nutri Expert No More Lice Special Lice & Nits Comb
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Производитель: Nutri Expert
Доступность: 3
Код товара: NEM-16308
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Nutri Expert No More Lice Special Lice & Nits Comb is an effective comb that removes in only one gesture the lice and nits. It combinates several advantages:

  • 32 micro-fluted teeth for a better grip that allow to systematically grip the lice and nits. Several studies have shown the growing resistance of louse to chemical product. Thus, the comb allows to remove the non-killed adults by the treatments,
  • longer teeth for more efficacy: long teeth allow to comb the thick strands and to go from the hair scalp to the tips of the hair. Thus, you eliminate more nits in less passes,
  • the rounded teeth for a better comfort: the process of fabrication, of high precision, allows to obtain tips respectuous of the hair and that don't sting the hair scalp,
  • a good holding: the shape of the handle allows an easy and practical holding;
  • a natural alternative: the comb allows to treat safely very young children (from 3 months) and hypersensitive. In case of allergies, it is the only one possible,
  • unalterable and sterilizable: only one comb for the whole family. In stainless steel, the comb during periods of strong contagion allows early elimination of lice in the state of nits. By removing the nits, the comb breaks the life cycle of the louse.

Made in France.


  • Damp the hair and detangle them with the help of a comb before using the steel comb.
  • Divide the hair by strands then brush each of them, from the hair scalp to the tips until there is no longer nits in the hair.
  • After a few passes, rinse the comb under tap water by removing the teeth directly to facilitate cleaning.


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