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C'est Moi Qui l'Ai Fait Solid Shampoo Rhassoul 65g

C'est Moi Qui l'Ai Fait Solid Shampoo Rhassoul 65g
28 819 819 р.
Бонусные баллы: 41
Производитель: C'est Moi Qui l'Ai Fait
Доступность: 28
Код товара: CMQ-17182
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C'est Moi Qui l'Ai Fait Solid Shampoo Rhassoul 65g is a shampoo to give volume and texture to the hair. Its 100% natural formula offers a cherry and bitter almond fragrance. Easily transportable in its small cotton bag, it is equivalent to 2 bottles of standard shampoo.

The format of this product allows it to be carried in the cabin during air transport.
The cardboard box, cotton bag, jute cord and wooden stick are compostable.

Tested under dermatological control.

No parabens.

100% of ingredients of natural origin.


Made in France.


Rub directly into wet hair with the solid shampoo roller and work into a lather. Massage into scalp and rinse.

Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not ingest.

Keep out of reach of children.

The cotton bag can be used occasionally for the product but its naturalness will give it a tendency to stiffen over time.


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