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Phyto PhytoColor Permanent Color

Phyto PhytoColor Permanent Color
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Бонусные баллы: 60
Производитель: Phyto
Доступность: 22
Код товара: PPP-10047
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Phyto PhytoColor Permanent Color is a real permanent color, enriched with Botanical pigments with intense and natural-looking color.

This permanent color is enriched with a unique blend of botanical pigments derived from five dye plants, selected for their superior pigmenting properties. Their high concentration in the pigment base, up to 74%, depending on the shade, ensures an intense, natural color with radiant nuanced highlights that acts as a shine booster and does not fade. 100% of grey hair is covered from the first application.

Major actives:

- High concentration in vegetable pigments for a nuanced color.
- A duo of precious and active oils which magnify the color: Monoi and Jojoba.
- Soothing actives for a gentle color: Jujube tree bark extract, plant active ingredient of 100% natural origin with anti-itch properties, soothes feelings of discomfort. Epaline, 100% vegetable oil with anti-irritation properties, wraps the scalp with a protective film.
- A formula with a minimized allergenic potential: the coloring cream contains neither PPD nor resorcinol.

This kit contains:

- Developer lotion bottle 50ml
- Coloring cream 50ml
- Color protecting mask 12ml
- 1 instruction leaflet
- 1 pair of gloves

This kit does not contain ammonia. Tested under dermatological control.

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