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Nutreov Capileov Hair Lotion Anti-Hair Loss Spray 100ml

Nutreov Capileov Hair Lotion Anti-Hair Loss Spray 100ml
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Бонусные баллы: 181
Производитель: Nutreov
Доступность: 13
Код товара: NCH-17255
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Nutreov Capileov Hair Lotion Anti-Hair Loss Spray 100ml is a hair regenerative care that prolongs hair life. Revitalizing concentrate, it acts in the heart of capillary bulb. This non-rinse lotion offers several actions on hair:

- prevent and slows their loss,
- stimulate their growth,
- improve their structure for stronger and more resistant hair,
- protect hair scalp.

To reach it, its exclusive complex associates:

- Redensyl Xtra with patented molecules which increases metabolism of fibroblasts of dermal papilla, reinforces the fiber, diminishes the irritation of hair scalp,
- 5a Redux from the new technologies of amino acids vectorization that significantly slows down the hair loss,
- Pantoptim B5, key molecule of coenzyme A, activator of several metaboslim process, which protects hair scalp balance thanks to its soothing properties and redensifies the fiber.

This care is suitable for men and women, to all hair scalps.

Made in France.


Spray once a day on clean hair scalp (dry or damp), morning and evening.
Massage with the fingertips, with circular movements.
Do not rinse.
Wash your hands after use.
A cure of 3 months is recommended.


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