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Arlor Natural Scientific Alpharegul Lotion Women 14 x 5ml

Arlor Natural Scientific Alpharegul Lotion Women 14 x 5ml
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Производитель: Arlor Natural Scientific
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Код товара: ANS-17259
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Arlor Natural Scientific Alpharegul Lotion Women 14 x 5ml is a lotion of high concentration of natural origin actives that intervene in additional way and in synergy on all the causes of women hair loss. It is particularly recommended to rebuild strong hair, to durably find volume, suppleness and brilliance.

It is composed of 100% natural actives that protect, revitalise and sanitise the hair scalp:

- Green Tea extract sheathes, moisturises and softens the hair and promotes hair scalp soothing,
- Arginine stimulates hair growth and helps to slows the loss by leaving a soft and brilliant hair,
- Arnica and Turmeric limit hair scalp irritations.

Made in France.


On dry or lightly damp hair scalp, 3 times a week in attack cure and 2 times a week in maintenance cure.
Apply a full dose on the root. Rinse well the protective tip.
Before the care, in order to promote the actives penetration, massage hair scalp by circular movements from the bottom upwards.
6-months cure recommended followed of 2 to 3 cures of 3 months per year (spring and autumn).
Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid the eyes contact.


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