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Boho Green Make-up Nail Care Hardener 6ml

Boho Green Make-up Nail Care Hardener 6ml
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Boho Green Make-up Nail Care Hardener 6ml is a real nail care product that protects and strengthens brittle and weakened nails. It can be applied alone or as a replacement for your base coat, before applying your nail polish.

Formulated with raw materials from cotton, potato, corn, manioc and wheat, it dries quickly, leaves a transparent finish and offers excellent hold. The formula is enriched with silica, often used as a natural nail fortifier.

Its mini 6ml format increases the pleasures while limiting waste.

The bottle is made of glass and the cap is made of PEFC-labelled wood from sustainably managed forests.

72% of the total is of natural origin.


Made in France.


  1. Start your manicure by applying a layer of hardener to your brittle nails.
  2. Apply two layers of the natural nail polish of your choice, allowing it to dry thoroughly between each application. It is advisable to apply two layers of nail polish to get the best coverage and the most intense colour possible.
  3. Finish your manicure by applying a layer of top coat, which adds shine and prevents the nail polish from flaking, or use the gypsy finish for a glittering finish.


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