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Rogé Cavaillès Pocket Duo Softness

Rogé Cavaillès Pocket Duo Softness
36 568 568 р.
Бонусные баллы: 28
Производитель: Rogé Cavaillès
Доступность: 36
Код товара: RCP-14753
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Rogé Cavaillès Pocket Duo Softness is a duo of restorative cares composed at 97% of actives of natural origin to find the pleasure of a very soft skin. Enriched in vitamins, they durably protect and intensely repair the hands and lips. To slip into your bag or pocket to always have them on hand!

- Rogé Cavaillès Nutrissance Moisturizing Hand Cream 30ml is a care indicated for the sensitive and dry skins. Enriched in Almond butter and in natural extracts of Rose for an extreme softness, it offers a non-oily unctuous texture that rapidly penetrates.

- Rogé Cavaillès Nutrissance Repairing Lip Balm 5,5ml is a double hydration balm, it intensely nourishes the lips and repairs thanks to its vitamins and trace-elements and it effectively protects thanks to its ultra-moisturizing actives (Castor oil and Bee wax). Its unctuous texture rapidly penetrates for an immediate action. Its vanilla natural flavour envelops the lips of a gentle fragrance while providing softness and comfort.

Clinically tested. Paraben free.

Made in France.


Cream and balm: Apply as often as necessary.


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