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Scholl Calluses Treatment 4 Dressings

Scholl Calluses Treatment 4 Dressings
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Бонусные баллы: 33
Производитель: Scholl
Доступность: 32
Код товара: SCT-17030
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Scholl Calluses Treatment 4 Strips is a calluses treatment with salicylic acid* from Scholl, it has a targeted action on the calluses to eliminate, treat and relieve effectively and without danger.

The advantages of this product:

  • Salicylic Acid disc acts directly on the callus while preserving the healthy skin around it.
  • Ultra-soft protective dressings relieve pain and pressure on the callus.
  • Dermatologically tested adhesive.

* Salicylic acid is a keratolytic agent, which means it softens the callus.


Apply to clean, dry feet.
Remove the salicylic acid disc from its holder.
Place it and press firmly on the center of the callus, the adhesive part facing the skin.
Cover the disc with the protective dressing.
Use daily until the callus is eliminated.

For external use only.
Keep out of reach of children.

Do not store at a temperature above 25 ° C.
Do not use if the packaging is damaged.
Do not use beyond the expiration date indicated on the package.

Attention, do not use the product in the following cases:

In case of diabetes, severe venous circulatory disorders or neuropathy.
In case of known allergy to aspirin or any other ingredient.
In case of inflammation or irritation of the area around the callus.
Do not apply to healthy skin.
Do not use for more than 2 weeks without the advice of a healthcare professional.
Do not use in people under 16 years old without the advice of a healthcare professional.

Do not use the product during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Irritation or redness may appear when used on healthy skin.
In this case, remove the product and temporarily discontinue use.
Once the irritation has subsided, carefully resume application to the callus.
In the event of any side effects, contact a healthcare professional.


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