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Epitact New Generation Foot Pads Comfortact Plus 1 Pair

Epitact New Generation Foot Pads Comfortact Plus 1 Pair
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Производитель: Epitact
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Epitact New Generation Foot Pads Comfortact Plus 1 Pair are pads that relieve pain and protect the forefoot by limiting pressure.

Ultra-comfortable, the ergonomic strap follows the natural curves of the big toe to limit the risk of interdigital irritation. In the plantar area, a bead-effect Epithelium 26 silicone gel module has been specially developed to comfortably suit the forefoot and distribute pressure.

Thanks to the exclusive pattern and the constant elasticity of the fabric, the fit on the foot is optimised. The soft, fine fabric is comfortable and allows sweat to be eliminated. Soft and flexible, it resists wear and tear from contact with the shoe. In addition, the thinness of the pads makes it possible to wear narrow shoes and limits the effects of instability when walking.

They are machine washable in the washing net provided.

Sold in pairs, these pads are available in sizes S, L and M. If you hesitate between two sizes, choose the smaller one.

Shoe size36-3839-4142-45


Do not use on damaged skin.

If you have arteritis, diabetes, polyneuritis, lower limb neuropathy or ulcers: seek advice from your doctor or podiatrist and monitor your feet during use.

Machine wash at 30°C.


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