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Embryolisse Concentrated Milk-Cream 30 ml

Embryolisse Concentrated Milk-Cream 30 ml
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Производитель: Embryolisse
Доступность: 48
Код товара: ECM-14254
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Embryolisse Concentrated Milk-Cream 30 ml is a wonderful care product, a real beauty secret, favourite of the dermatologists for decades ; a combination of ingredients of natural origin with recognised virtues, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. It provides the skin with all the nutrients and water needed for its balance, it reconstitutes its hydrolipidic film, the barrier that protects the skin from aggression, and accelerates cell renewal.

Moisturized, nourished and repaired, the skin is supple and elastic once more. It is plumped, smoothed, and incredibly soft. Signs of dryness and discomfort disappear, leaving the skin soothed. Its creamy milk texture leaves a satin veil, even on dry skin.


Apply morning and/or evening to clean, dry face.

Massage in gently without pressure, and leave on to penetrate.

The Concentrated Milk-Cream can also be used to cleanse the skin or remove make-up, as a repairing mask, an after-shave cream, or as a baby care product.


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