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Ballot-Flurin Organic Beekeeper Cream Sensitive Skin 30ml

Ballot-Flurin Organic Beekeeper Cream Sensitive Skin 30ml
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Производитель: Ballot-Flurin
Доступность: 16
Код товара: BOB-14305
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Ballot-Flurin Organic Beekeeper Cream Sensitive Skin 30ml is a care that soothes with tenderness the most sensitive skins.

It naturally moisturizes and protectes from pollution. Skin finds thus comfort, suppleness and an even complexion. Its texture is fluid and aerial. It offers a subtle fragrance from garden. It is suitable for children and pregnant women.

Each of its components provide their benefits:

- White Propolis for its intense purifying and revitalizing action (filed patent),
- Wild Honey of Sweet Chesnut deeply stimulates and nourishes,
- French Calendula flowers calm and soothe the irritations,
- 4 handmade oils of first pressure at cold for their moisturizing, nourishing and protective action.

Organic cosmetic product certified by Bureau Veritas Certification according to the I.305 standard.
99,60% of ingredients are from natural origin whose 89,56% are from Organic Farming.
Gentle, fair trade and local beekeeping.

Made in France.


Apply at any moment 1 to 2 pressures only by circular light massage on the face, neck and décolleté.
For a comforting action, apply as winter and spring cure.


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