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Filorga New Skin Effect Duo

Filorga New Skin Effect Duo
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Производитель: Filorga
Доступность: 10
Код товара: FNS-14145
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Filorga New Skin Effect Duo is a limited edition mask duo. These revolutionary skincare products are formulated with pro-youth ingredients and designed to reduce the visible signs of skin aging.

- Filorga Meso-Mask Smoothing and Illuminator Mask 50 ml is a care with a formula rich in collagen and elastin, designed to moisturize and smooth the skin. Enriched in rhamnose polysaccharide to soothe redness, it brightens the complexion and reveals its radiance. It also contains a powerful moisturizing active ingredient which brings suppleness and gentleness to the skin. Its cream texture is unctuous. All skin types.

- Filorga Scrub & Mask Exfoliating Reoxygenating Mask 55 ml is an ultra-sensorial exfoliating care with a unique texture in its airless jar to protect the formula so that it is never in contact with the air or the finger. Perlite spheres gently exfoliate the skin while a proteolytic enzyme stimulates skin desquamation for an intensive "new skin" effect. Its unique texture transforms on contact with the skin: it is a real moment of relaxation and pleasure for the skin.

Made in France.


Meso-Mask: apply the mask in a generous layer to the entire face, eye contour, neck and décolleté. Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes. Remove with a damp cotton pad.

Scrub & Mask: massage gently into clean skin. Once the scrub is done, leave it on (the texture turns into a smoothing foam). When the bubbles have disappeared, it is time to rinse. Apply to clean skin. Avoid contact with the eyes (in case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water). Avoid sun exposure after application. In this case, use a suitable sunscreen. Store at room temperature. Caution: never unscrew the jar but take it vertically, press on the white part with the 2 thumbs to release the product.


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