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La Chênaie Pétrasève Cleanser Set

La Chênaie Pétrasève Cleanser Set
6 2011 2 011 р.
Бонусные баллы: 101
Производитель: La Chênaie
Доступность: 6
Код товара: CPC-14021
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La Chênaie Pétrasève Cleanser Set is a new, more eco-friendly make-up removal gesture, an alternative to disposable cotton discs. Thus, it has a triple function:

  • economical: they avoid the systematic purchase of disposable discs;
  • ecological: made of bamboo fibre, they do not generate waste because they are washable. They are very soft and pleasant to remove make-up;
  • durable: they are reusable for a very long time.

It contains:

- La chênaie Hydra Lotion 3in1 40ml is a lotion enriched with softening Cornflower Water and detoxifying Watercress. It removes make-up, tones and prepares the skin. Its fluid texture is easy to apply without leaving a sticky finish. Its subtle fruity fragrance can be enjoyed in the morning and at bedtime. The skin is clean, fresh, velvety, toned and ready to receive moisturizing care. 97.3% of ingredients of natural origin. Paraben free. Alcohol free. Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control.

- 5 washable double-sided bamboo fibre discs.

- 1 cotton washing net.


Place a few drops of lotion on a disc and apply to the face. Do not rinse off.

Place the discs in the washing net in the drum of the washing machine.


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