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Onagrine Onaphyline Premium Anti-Ageing Day Cream 40ml

Onagrine Onaphyline Premium Anti-Ageing Day Cream 40ml
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Производитель: Onagrine
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Код товара: OOP-19363
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Onagrine Onaphyline Premium Anti-Ageing Day Cream 40ml is a day care intended to plump up wrinkles, firm up and moisturize the skin, inspired by the "lipofilling" technique aimed at restoring volume to the face.

At the heart of its formula, an extract of commiphora from India with natural plumping virtues, water lily flowers with soothing power, powerful antioxidant shields that protect the skin's youthfulness. Moringa, evening primrose and tiger nut oils provide comfort, nutrition and regeneration. Finally, a duo of hyaluronic acids rehydrates and redensifies the skin.

91% of ingredients of natural origin.

Made in France.


Apply every morning to perfectly cleansed face and neck.
Gently massage from the inside to the outside.
Take the time to properly shape your face in order to improve microcirculation, penetrate active ingredients and relax your features.


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