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Производитель: Filorga
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Filorga TIME-FILLER NIGHT 30ml is an anti-ageing face cream which acts to visibly reduce all wrinkle types, night after night and corrects fatigue signs.

Its formula based on NCEF (a unique complex encapsulating active ingredients inspired by injections of filling [hyaluronic acid] and revitalization [50 ingredients]), acts on:

  • contraction wrinkles, it contains a hexapeptide to relax features without freezing expressions,
  • deep wrinkles, thanks to a powerful booster associated to encapsulated hyaluronic acid to visibly replump marked wrinkles,
  • surface wrinkles thanks to resurfacing gluconolactone associated to a peeling effect active ingredient to smooth skin micro-breaks,
  • dryness wrinkles thanks to a water-capturing plant extract to durably reduce dehydration wrinkles.

It also offers a reinforced night action (special sleep wrinkles, pillow folds and puffy features upon awakening), thanks to the EXPRESS-RECOVER night-smoothing complex which combines a skin elasticity booster with an energizing ingredient for wrinkled features and a fresher and brighter complexion as soon as you wake up.

Its gel-cream texture is unctuous. Night after night, all wrinkle types are smoothed, face seems younger. The skin is relaxed and the complexion is fresh and relaxed at wake.

Made in France.


Apply in the evening to the whole face and neck cleansed. Make it penetrate by massaging.


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