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Etat Pur Pure Active Glabridin 15ml

Etat Pur Pure Active Glabridin 15ml
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Производитель: Etat Pur
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Код товара: EPP-20683
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Etat Pur Pure Active Glabridin 15ml is a care formulated to act on hyperpigmentation, based on a powerful licorice extract (formulated with 25mg / 100g).

It is formulated with a powerful licorice extract that fades dark spots (spots related to the sun, spots related to hormonal changes, pregnancy mask, hyperpigmentation due to acne or scarring) and evens out the complexion. Its biomimetic ingredients, inspired by components naturally present in the skin, have been selected for their degree of purity and their perfect affinity with the skin, to give it just what it needs. Its formula has an effect:

  • Brightening: it acts on the synthesis of melanin, the pigment involved in the appearance of spots on the skin of the face. It helps to fade hyper-pigmented areas and reduce the intensity of dark spots.
  • Evening: it promotes a uniform and luminous complexion by visibly reducing dark spots.

Tested under dermatological control.

Made in France.


Apply 4 drops morning and evening to the affected areas of the face for a minimum of 4 weeks.
Apply to clean, dry skin, before moisturizing cream (do not mix them). Treatment to be followed regularly for more efficiency.

For very old, very brown spots or for the pregnancy mask, 2 months of treatment is recommended.

After application, do not expose yourself to the sun. In the event of exposure, use suitable sun protection.
Do not use more than 2 pure active ingredients at a time. In the case of 2 active ingredients, it is possible to apply them one after the other.


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