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Innovatouch Pure Snail Slime Concentrate Serum Gel 50ml

Innovatouch Pure Snail Slime Concentrate Serum Gel 50ml
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Производитель: Innovatouch
Доступность: 26
Код товара: IPS-15839
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Innovatouch Pure Snail Slime Concentrate Serum Gel 50ml is an innovating care with plant extract of aloe and silica. It has regenerating, firming, sanitizing and moisturising properties, and it is adapted to all the types of skins.

Your skin can get damaged with time (wrinkles, spots, roughness, scars) and changed of cycles (tendency to spots, blemishes). A pure beauty ritual, this serum-gel contains a highly effective combination of 3 diversified natural elements.

- Helix Aspera (selective concentrate of snail lime): it is rich in allantoin, collagen, elastin and glycolis acid. These active principles stimulate cellular renewal and prevent from skin ageing.

- Mineral extract of silicium improves skin's elasticity, reinforces the balance of water and struggles against cellular ageing.

- Extract of aloe revitalises, nourishes and moisturises the damaged skins. It also support regeneration and reinforces healing of skin.



Apply morning and/or evening to clean and dry skins.


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