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Embryolisse Global Anti-Aging Cream 50ml

Embryolisse Global Anti-Aging Cream 50ml
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Код товара: EGA-13834
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Embryolisse Global Anti-Aging Cream 50ml is a nourishing restructuring cream for dry and very dry mature skins.

A trio of major anti-aging actives, Omega 9, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, combine their cohesion powers to restructure the skin, in depth and on the surface, and consolidate its architecture.

Natural origin nourishing actives (shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera and soy extract) relipidise the skin and reinforce its resistance. Day by day it is replumped, denser, filmer and soother. Intensely hydrated and nourished, it is once again supple and bright. That taut feeling disappears; the skin wrapped in a soft cocoon which makes it infinitely soft and velvety, deliciously confortable. The rich textures melts into the skin like a balm, renourishes and smoothes the driest skins.


Apply in the morning and/or the evening on a clean and dry skin.


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