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ANNAYAKE Extreme Eye Contour Care 15ml

ANNAYAKE Extreme Eye Contour Care 15ml
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Производитель: ANNAYAKE
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Код товара: AEE-19133
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ANNAYAKE Extreme Eye Contour Care 15ml is an unique care to effectively fights against the loss of firmness of the eye contour and eliminate the wrinkles, dark-circles and puffiness.

It contains a concentration of powerful actives to effectively fights against the marks of time:

  • Architectyl, which has the capacity to reorganise and rebuild in depth the collagen network in order to give again suppleness and firmness to the face.
  • Vegetable ACA, a bio-active which stimulates Collagen production to fight against wrinkles and fine lines.
  • An extract of China digital root which improves the circulation at the surface to effectively eliminate the dark-circles and puffiness.

Its light formula rapidly penetrates and provides optimum hydration to the skin thanks to an extract of Peach tree.
After only a few weeks, the epidermis of the eye contour is less dull, smoothed and visibly firmer. The whole face seems younger.
It is particularly indicated for the sensitive skins.


Morning and evening, before your daily ANNAYAKE cream, apply lightly tapping accompanied by a few pressure with your fingertips.


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