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Comptoir des Huiles Le Ximénia Vegetable Oil 100ml

Comptoir des Huiles Le Ximénia Vegetable Oil 100ml
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Бонусные баллы: 93
Производитель: Comptoir des Huiles
Доступность: 8
Код товара: CHX-16685
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Comptoir des Huiles Le Ximénia Vegetable Oil 100ml is a 100% pure and natural oil, known for its very nutritive and repairing virtues. Its virtues make it a very good base for any repairing care. Used on the body, it will help to deeply repair damaged tissues. Its film-forming action keeps the skin hydrated. This film will also play a protective role by creating a barrier to repel external aggressions. The epidermis is restructured and the skin appears softer, smoother and protected.

Applied to the hair, it restores strength and vitality to dull, lifeless hair thanks to its vitamins and nutrients. It will form a protective film around the hair to nourish, protect and restore shine.

To increase its effectiveness, it can be mixed with other vegetable oils or essential oils.

Cosmos Natural certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Cosmos standard.

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.


Made in France.


Care for damaged areas: soak a cotton cloth in oil and place it in a poultice on the area to be treated. Leave on for a few minutes or several hours if possible. Once removed, the cataplasm can be reused by soaking it again with oil. Massage the treated areas to penetrate the remaining excess oil. To increase its effectiveness, place a warm towel over the poultice.

Hair care: make a mask and leave overnight to deeply nourish the hair fibre.

Keep away from light and avoid temperature variations.

Some oils can solidify. In this case, pass the bottle under a trickle of lukewarm water.


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