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Somatoline Cosmetic Tummy and Hips Treatment Express 150ml

Somatoline Cosmetic Tummy and Hips Treatment Express 150ml
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Производитель: Somatoline Cosmetic
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Код товара: SCT-21671
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Somatoline Cosmetic Tummy and Hips Treatment Express 150ml is a treatment which is applies in only 1 minute and which ensures you a result of visible efficacy.

This slimming care contains a formula enriched in ActiveRedux Complex, a complex of active ingredients which fosters the reduction of fat deposits on the tummy and hips. It allows to reactivate the cutaneous microcirculation while helping the slimming action. It will thus improve the elasticity of tissues, counteracting the skin's sag.

In a few weeks, the results are visible:
- Helps to reduce the circumference of the waist by up to 2,6 cm in 2 weeks
- Visibly reshapes the silhouette
- Helps to counteract the reappearance of localized fat deposits, even after the end of the treatment.


Apply once a day for 2 weeks. For an improved slimming result continue the treatment for 4 weeks.


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