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Lierac Body-Slim Slimming Sculpting & Beautifying Concentrate 200ml

Lierac Body-Slim Slimming Sculpting & Beautifying Concentrate 200ml
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Производитель: Lierac
Доступность: 31
Код товара: LBS-19250
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Lierac Body-Slim Slimming Sculpting & Beautifying Concentrate 200ml is a triple action slimming body care with boosted efficiency that helps to refine the figure, firm the skin and reduce cellulite.

Its powerful duo of new-generation active ingredients, the caffeine-ginger complex, is 20 times more effective than caffeine alone at destocking fat. The WTB System stimulates fat burning while the NGF-like firming peptide firms the skin.

Its active gel-cream texture, with an immediate sheathing effect, penetrates quickly and leaves the skin velvety and sheathed.
Day after day, the figure is refined, the skin is firmed and smoothed.

Made in France.


Apply morning and evening to the areas of the body concerned (thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach, waist, arms).

For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to practice body morphing. It is carried out in 3 steps to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients, to help unclog and tone the skin. You can consult the explanatory diagrams on the inside of the box (or on the website www.lierac.fr):

  1. Before applying the treatment, carry out the preparatory brushing.
  2. After applying the treatment, proceed to the regalizing kneading.
  3. After penetration of the treatment, perform the sublimating smoothing.

External use.


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