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CicaBiafine Soothing Replenishing Cream 200ml

CicaBiafine Soothing Replenishing Cream 200ml
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Производитель: CicaBiafine
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Код товара: CSR-24414
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CicaBiafine Soothing Replenishing Cream 200ml is a care formulated high tolerance, to repair immediately the weakened skins and under oncological treatment of the adults like of the children (starting from the 3 years age).

This cream is indicated for skin weakened by chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy and stem cell transplantation. It is particularly adapted to the very dry skins, xerous, prone to pruritus or cutaneous rashes.

Enriched in alleviating and hydrating credits, it :

  • Immediately relieves burning and tightness from the 1st day.
  • Gently repairs very dry skin from day one.
  • Restores the skin's natural barrier.

It offers a prolonged 2-in-1 action, 24 hours of hydration and anti-scratch. Day after day, the skin is soothed, nourished and repaired.
Its sensory texture melting, not sticking is not fatty. Thanks to its fast absorption it brings comfort to the skin.

Fragrance free.

Made in France.


Apply to clean skin twice a day.

Also suitable for hands and feet.

For more effectiveness, start your routine with CicaBiafine Soothing Replenishing Shower Wash.

Ask your pharmacist for advice.


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