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Somatoline Cosmetic Brown Sugar Scrub 350g

Somatoline Cosmetic Brown Sugar Scrub 350g
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Производитель: Somatoline Cosmetic
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Код товара: SCB-14606
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Somatoline Cosmetic Brown Sugar Scrub 350g is an exfoliant that prepares the skin to receive the slimming cares.

Its formula, composed at 100% of ingredients of natural origin, contains brown sugar, marine salt, almond oil, soy oil, and Vitamin E and other specific cosmetic actives that:
- revitalise and sublimate the skin,
- exfoliate and smooth the epidermis, by eliminating the dead cells and impurities,
- help to stimulate the skin microcirculation thanks to circular massages,
- nourish the skin, by promoting penetration of cosmetic cares.

Dermatologically tested on people having sensitive skin to guarantee a maximum tolerance.
100% of ingredients of natural origin.


Mix with the spatula before application.
Under the shower, apply on damp skin and massage by circular movements. Rinse with water. Then, apply the body care Somatoline Cosmetic.
A regular use, 1 to 2 times a week, is recommended.
External use only.
Avoid the eyes contact. In case of contact, wash abundantly with fresh water.
Do not apply on irritated or injured skin.


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