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SVR Sun Secure Extreme Multi-Resistant Ultra-Matt Gel SPF50+ 50ml

SVR Sun Secure Extreme Multi-Resistant Ultra-Matt Gel SPF50+ 50ml
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Бонусные баллы: 91
Производитель: SVR
Доступность: 99
Код товара: SSS-18948
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SVR Sun Secure Extreme Multi-Resistant Ultra-Matt Gel SPF50+ 50ml is a very high sun protection, specially formulated for the face and exposed areas of the sensitive skin intolerant to the sun.

This ultra mat gel contains a triple action formula thanks to the Integral Secure Technology that targets all ray types:

- Physical protection at the surface: high performance photostable organic SPF 50+ sun filters,

- Cell Shield: liposomal antioxidant complex (B-Carotene + Detoxophane),

- Repair of cellular damage due to exposure: Niacinamide.

Effective, this sun protection resists to water, perspiration and to frictions fir an optimal protection.

Its efficacy is proven under dermatological control:

- 100%*: durably protects the skin

- 90%*: creates an invisible protection on the skin.

Its unique texture of transparent balm-in-gel is ultra-melting and instantaneously penetrates in the heart of the skin. It doesn't leave any oily effect on the skin.

Formulated with paraben free, alcohol free, octocrylene free. Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

For child (from 3 years) and adults.


Before exposure to the sun, apply a sufficient and homogeneous dose to cover the face and exposed areas. Renew the application frequently. Avoid contact with eyes.


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