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Noreva Bergasol Expert Invisible Finish Cream SPF 50+ 50 ml

Noreva Bergasol Expert Invisible Finish Cream SPF 50+ 50 ml
20 1567 1 567 р.
Бонусные баллы: 78
Производитель: Noreva
Доступность: 20
Код товара: NBE-15766
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Noreva Bergasol Expert Invisible Finish Cream SPF 50+ 50 ml is a care with sun filters and a powerful anti-free radical shield.

It is thus the first solar range to effectively fight against premature skin ageing by limiting cellular damages at the heart of the epidermis and providing overall skin protection against UVA/UVB, IR and blue light. It offers an exclusive multi-protection :

- a trio of UV filters ;

- from sensitiv protect, a new generation peptide that stimulates the skin's natural defenses against UV rays. Thanks to its triple action, it acts on the synthesis of melanin, protects and repairs the DNA of the cells and soothes skin damaged by the sun ;

- of the elixir B17, a plant extract that prevents skin photoaging by protecting dermal fibers from sun damage and increasing skin firmness ;

- of desert date tree oil characterized by its fabulous dry and silky touch and by its nourishing, moisturizing and softening action.

Its melting and velvety texture guarantees rapid absorption and a non-greasy finish. It is water resistant.

Made in France.


Apply evenly and generously before any exposure.

Reapply frequently in case of prolonged exposure and after each bath or sports activities.

Do not expose babies and young children.

Excessive sun exposure is dangerous to health.


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