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Cooper Actipoche Posture Corrector Lumbar Pain 4 Correctors

Cooper Actipoche Posture Corrector Lumbar Pain 4 Correctors
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Бонусные баллы: 93
Производитель: Cooper
Доступность: 4
Код товара: CAP-15695
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Cooper Actipoche Posture Corrector Lumbar Pain 4 Correctors are patchs with immediate effet for posture correction, limitation of painful movements and prevention of lumbar pain.

They are particularly recommended to people with physically demanding jobs, all-day sitting workers, elderly people suffering of chronic pain, athletes with occasional or chronic pain wishing to continue their activities anyway.

Specially developed to suit to different morphologies, they treat the origin of back pains due to bad posture by learning again to adopt a good posture (stand or sit) and also to tale take care of your back. In the form of a self-adhesive cross with a semi-rigid structure, they limit painful movements and protect at-risk movements while allowing great freedom of movement.

Free of active substance, they are invisible under clothes, odourless, light and discreet ("second skin" effet). They are water-resistant, single and external use only.

Size (in cm): 24,50 x 30.


Read the instructions before use.
Do not use more than 48 consecutive hours.
Do not use on people who can not remove the corrector themselves, suffering from allergies to adhesives, suffering from pineal stenosis, bilateral sciatica, CES (Caudia Equine Syndrome).
Do not use with locally applied creams or medications.
Do not apply on sensitive , injured or inflamed skins.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store in their case in a cool and dry place away from light.


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