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Thuasne Argicalm Reusable Thermal Clay Cushion Hot Cold Size 4

Thuasne Argicalm Reusable Thermal Clay Cushion Hot Cold Size 4
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Производитель: Thuasne
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Код товара: TAR-15675
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Thuasne Argicalm Reusable Thermal Clay Cushion Hot Cold Size 4 is a reusable cushion based on natural origin clay to relieve the pain. Of ergonomic shape, it easily adapts to the shape of the painful body part. Its flexible PVC material does not hurt and its cover offers a velvet effect.

Cold used, it relieves the pain, reduces inflammation, bruises and oedemas especially in case of sprains, pulling, tendinitis, headaches, ocular and dental pains.
Warm used, it relieves the pain especially back pain, muscle contractures and stiffness, cramps, stiff necks and abdominal pains. It also increases the blood circulation and has a relaxing effect.

It is endowed of a protection cover and tethering strap. Cushion and cover are washable and reusable.

Class I regulated medical device that bears the CE marking.

Dimensions: 43 x 17cm.


Read carefully the instruction before use.
Cold: Place it flat in the freezer at least 2 hours use.
Hot: Place it flat in the micro-waves and heat during 65 seconds at 70 watts. If necessary, heat again in 10 seconds increments.
In the 2 modes, knead the cushion to soften it or evenly distribute the heat before inserting it into its cover. Apply for 5 to 20 minutes maximum.
Do not use on wounded skin and never in direct contact with the skin.
Clay may produce cutaneous allergies (H317).
Always check the state before use.


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